GOODRAYS Mixed CBD Gummies 30x25mg

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Your Tasty Ticket to Wellness!

Elevate your wellness journey with the delightful goodness of GoodRays Gummies. Packed with flavour and infused with top-notch CBD, these gummies are the perfect blend of enjoyment and relaxation.

Goodrays CBD Gummies are designed to help you relax and unwind at any place or any time. Convenient, delicious and all-natural, our shareable, all natural, delights are built to fit into busy lives spent on the go. Each gummy contains 25mg of the highest quality Colorado-grown CBD, making it the most effective and premium CBD edible product on the market. CBD is extracted from organically grown Colorado cannabis, is THC-free, third party lab tested, vegan and gluten free. Discover the art of relaxation. All natural, 100% vegan and sustainable. More importantly, it makes it taste good.

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Gummies are essentially chewy sweets infused with CBD. They offer all the same benefits to your wellbeing as other CBD products, but in a convenient and tasty form. Gummies are becoming an increasingly popular way to take CBD, and here’s why:

They’re convenient. CBD gummies can be taken at any time or anywhere. You may wish to add them to your morning supplement regime, alongside oral multivitamins. Or you could take them on the go; keep them at work to help you de-stress throughout the day, or eat one as a late-night sweet treat to help you drift off to sleep. 

At Goodrays, we offer a wide range of flavours. Our mixed CBD gummies include a variety of mango, raspberry, lemon-lime, and strawberry – or you could opt for just one flavour if you have a favourite. Plus, our CBD gummies are made using all-natural ingredients, they’re vegan and they’re gluten-free, so you don’t need to worry about any nasty additives. 


Each of our gummies is packed with 25mg of the highest quality Colorado-grown CBD. This is much more than other edible CBD products on the market, making our gummies the most effective option out there. 

Gummies also offer you control over your dosage. You may wish to double dose on days you need it most. What’s more, gummies can be effective for up to 12 hours, giving them an advantage over many other forms of CBD.

One thing to keep in mind about CBD gummies, though, is you should take them with food. Research shows that CBD, when administered orally, is much better absorbed when given with a meal or snack rich in healthy fats than on an empty stomach.

As well as this, gummies tend to take a little longer to have an effect than CBD oil. This is because they need to go through the digestive system, whereas CBD oil is absorbed sublingually (under the tongue). This is something to consider when working out when to take your daily dose.


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