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“Transform your pup’s world with our revolutionary Hemp-infused Dog Calming Treats! Specially crafted with the power of premium hemp extract, these treats are designed to naturally alleviate stress and promote relaxation in your furry friend. Say goodbye to anxious tail-chasing and hello to a calmer, happier pup.

Our unique formula combines the benefits of hemp with delicious flavors your dog will love. From thunderstorm phobia to separation anxiety, our Hemp Calming Treats offer a holistic solution for a serene and contented canine companion. Give your dog the gift of tranquility and make every tail-wag a sign of pure joy. Elevate their well-being with our Hemp Calming Treats – because a relaxed pup is a truly happy one. Order now and let the calming magic begin!”

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Flavorsome Daily Dog Calming Treats made from Hemp

Grooyhemp’s Daily Hemp Treats with Ashwagandha Extract. 

Our yummy, chewable hemp dog treats are made with 100% natural ingredients and packed with Omegas 3, 6 & 9. have been specially made to help keep your four-legged friends healthy and happy.

One treat per day may help to improve joint movement, make coats glossier, reduce anxiety, aid sleep, reduce skin irritation and strengthen their immune system.

2 reviews for Best Dog Calming Treats

  1. Sue

    Our dog suffered extreme separation anxiety. We noticed a welcomed improvement as time went on. We tried just giving her some camomile biscuits, they are helped a bit, just not as good as the hemp bones. Thank you so much. Sue, Chippenham, Wilts

  2. emmeline.t21

    These treats have helped my anxious dog so much, he is noticeably calmer, he loves them ! I have tried several things before but these are a definite winner, I can highly recommend them !

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