Quality Hemp dog collar & lead Set.

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GROOVYHEMP’s premium, handmade, hemp dog collar and lead have been hand dyed in one eye-catching colour. During the dying process, the hemp dries and expands so it feels even softer than it did before. Our latest design in Heritage green, has additional metal ‘D’ rings for added security and a separate ID attachment. Our beautifully made 5ft matching leads have lower and upper handles for easier restraint.

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Hemp Dog Collar and Lead Set in Heritage Green

Hemp is one of the strongest fibres grown in nature and has antibacterial qualities and fights odours too! What a perfect pooch combination for your next pet collar and lead!

Natural Comfort: Soft yet sturdy hemp fibers provide a gentle touch on your dog’s skin, ensuring unparalleled comfort during every adventure.

Sustainability in Every Stitch: Embrace eco-consciousness! Our hemp sets are made from sustainable, earth-loving hemp, reducing your carbon pawprint with every walk.

Built to Last: Engineered with durability in mind, our sets stand the test of time, promising reliability for all your dog’s escapades, from playful romps to leisurely strolls.

Health-Conscious Choice: Hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin, our hemp sets prioritize your pet’s well-being without compromising on strength or resilience.

Trusted Quality: Crafted by experienced hands and designed with your pet’s comfort in mind, our sets come from trusted sources for your peace of mind.

Join the Hemp Revolution: Be a part of the movement toward sustainable pet products while treating your furry friend to the best!

Hemp Dog Collar &Amp; Lead Set

Experience unparalleled durability as hemp proves itself to be an incredibly sturdy material, ensuring our products endure the test of time. The natural softness of hemp fibers not only provides immediate comfort but evolves over time, delivering a gentle touch against your dog’s skin that they’ll love.

Say goodbye to skin irritations and allergies with our hypoallergenic hemp accessories. Perfect for dogs with sensitive skin, hemp outshines synthetic materials by being less likely to cause irritation, ensuring your furry friend stays happy and comfortable.

Make an eco-conscious choice by opting for our hemp products, a testament to sustainability. With rapid growth, minimal water requirements, and no need for pesticides, hemp stands as an environmentally friendly alternative to nylon or polyester, reducing your carbon pawprint.

This hemp dog collar and lead meets style with our resilient hemp accessories. Boasting incredible strength, hemp fibers surpass traditional materials like cotton, ensuring reliability and longevity in every product.

Embrace cleanliness with the natural antibacterial properties of hemp, keeping your dog’s collar or lead fresher for longer. Elevate your pet’s lifestyle with our premium hemp-based accessories – where strength, comfort, and sustainability converge for the ultimate canine companionship.


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