GroovyHemp Product Recall Procedure – Manufacturer’s Recall

Effective Date: SEPTEMBER 2023

1. Purpose

The purpose of this Product Recall Procedure is to provide guidance to GroovyHemp, an online retailer of hemp and CBD products, in the event of a product recall initiated by a manufacturer. This procedure outlines the steps to be taken to ensure the safe and efficient management of manufacturer-initiated recalls, safeguarding the interests of our customers and our reputation.

2. Scope

This procedure applies to all hemp and CBD products sold by GroovyHemp that are subject to a manufacturer’s recall.

3. Definitions

3.1 Manufacturer: The entity responsible for the production and distribution of the recalled product.

3.2 Recall Coordinator: A designated individual within GroovyHemp responsible for overseeing and coordinating the recall process.

3.3 Affected Products: Products identified by the manufacturer as subject to recall.

4. Roles and Responsibilities

4.1 Recall Coordinator: GroovyHemp shall appoint a Recall Coordinator responsible for coordinating all activities related to the manufacturer’s recall.

4.2 Manufacturer Communication: Maintain open and transparent communication with the manufacturer regarding the recall, including obtaining detailed information about the affected products, the reason for the recall, and the manufacturer’s recommended actions.

4.3 Customer Communication: Communicate promptly and effectively with customers who have purchased the recalled products, providing them with clear instructions on how to return or dispose of the affected items.

4.4 Product Retrieval: Coordinate the retrieval of recalled products from customers, ensuring compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions and applicable laws and regulations.

4.5 Record Keeping: Maintain detailed records of all activities related to the manufacturer’s recall, including communications with the manufacturer, customers, and regulatory agencies, as well as actions taken to address the recall.

5. Recall Initiation

5.1 Notification by Manufacturer: In the event that GroovyHemp receives a notification from a manufacturer regarding a recall, the Recall Coordinator shall be informed immediately.

5.2 Initial Assessment: The Recall Coordinator, in consultation with the manufacturer, shall assess the recall’s scope, severity, and the appropriate course of action.

6. Customer Communication

6.1 Customer Notification: GroovyHemp shall promptly notify affected customers of the manufacturer-initiated recall. The notification should include clear instructions on how customers can return or dispose of the recalled products.

6.2 Communication Channels: Use multiple communication channels, including email, the website, and social media, to reach affected customers and ensure they receive recall information.

7. Product Retrieval

7.1 Product Return Process: Provide customers with options for returning recalled products, including return shipping labels or instructions for in-person returns if applicable.

7.2 Refunds or Replacements: Offer refunds or replacements to affected customers as per GroovyHemp’s established return policy.

8. Compliance

8.1 Regulatory Reporting: If required by applicable regulations, report the manufacturer-initiated recall to the appropriate regulatory authorities.

9. Record Keeping

9.1 Documentation: Maintain comprehensive records of all actions taken during the manufacturer-initiated recall process, including communications, product retrievals, and refunds or replacements provided to customers.

10. Closure

10.1 Completion Confirmation: Confirm with the manufacturer that all recalled products have been successfully retrieved or accounted for.

10.2 Customer Notification: Notify affected customers of the recall closure and the successful resolution of the issue.

11. Post-Recall Review

11.1 Review: Conduct a post-recall review to evaluate the effectiveness of the procedures followed during the manufacturer-initiated recall and identify areas for improvement.

12. Revision

12.1 Procedure Review: Periodically review and update this procedure to reflect changes in regulations, manufacturer relationships, or best practices.

13. Contact Information

Provide contact information for the Recall Coordinator and key personnel involved in the manufacturer-initiated recall process.

By following this Product Recall Procedure, GroovyHemp aims to ensure that all manufacturer-initiated recalls are managed efficiently, customers are safeguarded, and the reputation of the business is upheld. All employees are expected to be familiar with and adhere to this procedure in the event of a manufacturer’s recall.