UK’s First Home-Grown Cannabis Medication Projected for Release by Late 2023!

by – Oshin Pramasanti – Published November 10, 2023


A game-changer for the cannabis sector, the UK’s first domestic cannabis-based medicine, is slated for rollout by the end of 2023.

Key Readings:

  • Milestone collaboration between Dalgety, Grow Pharma, and IPS Pharma aims to deliver the first UK-grown cannabis medicine.
  • An anticipated £1bn UK medical cannabis market by 2026 augurs for potential economic growth.
  • Canadian horticulture expert Brady Green leads cultivation at Dalgety.
  • Renewed hopes for consistent and high-quality UK cannabis supply.

Midlands-rooted medicinal cannabis producer, Dalgety

Midlands-rooted medicinal cannabis producer, Dalgety, has forged an alliance with Grow Pharma and IPS Pharma, its permitted JV partner. This synergic partnership paves the way for supplying industry-standard, THC-dense prescription drugs to the UK market.

Kickstarting 2021, Dalgety won approval for a Home Office license. This illuminated the path to grow and process EU-GMP grade high THC-medical cannabis at their local facility. This forward leap puts Dalgety on the march towards releasing its debut product by 2023. This would represent the first UK-cultivated cannabis-based medicine outfitted for patient prescriptions.

“Dalgety and Grow have been in conversation for over two years and we hold a shared vision for leading the medical cannabis industry,” remarked James Leavesley, Dalgety’s COO. “Our shared mission seeks to bring top-notch medicine and service to patients from cultivation, processing, to patient experience. The actualization of this agreement stirs enthusiasm.”

The UK medical cannabis market

The UK medical cannabis market presents an optimistic estimation, predicted to skyrocket to over £1bn by 2026. This considerable growth could fuel economic acceleration in the UK. Dalgety, founded in 2016, holds a track record of multiple successful commercial production batches.

At the helm of the cultivation operation is Brady Green, a seasoned horticulturist hailing originally from Canada. Boasting 15 years of experience in specialized horticulture, Green bears considerable expertise both from his homeland and Europe.

Citing the hitherto complexities of solely imported cannabis medicines, James emphasized Dalgety’s commitment towards sustainable and quality domestic production. “This will significantly improve patient access and ensure they receive consistently superior medicines originating from a highly regulated UK environment.”

Collaboration with Grow Pharma

Also part of the collaboration, Grow Pharma, a leading UK distributor of quality prescribed cannabis medicines, is known for its educational suite and resources for healthcare professionals. CEO Pierre van Weperen praised the cooperation saying, “This fruitful co-branded endeavor will substantially simplify and enhance the UK supply chain, catering to patient needs and sustainability. It’s a colossally positive collaboration, wherein we can employ industry-leading expertise and UK-grown medicines for the pharmaceutical market.”

What BRITISH CANNABIS has to say:

“This groundbreaking collaboration, at its core, demonstrates the growing potential and commitment of UK’s homegrown cannabis industry. It promises to reshape the landscape, focusing on patient-centric solutions while fostering economic growth.”